“Big Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Economics/Finance” (MSc/PhD level)

“Time Series Econometrics” (BSc/MSc) & “Advanced Time Series Econometrics” (MSc/PhD level)

“Econophysics & Nonlinear Economic Dynamics” (MSc/PhD level)

 “Complexity Theory in Economics” (MSc/PhD level)

“Tokenization, Blockchain & DeFi” (MSc/PhD level)

“Crypto-Econometrics, Algorithmic trading & Technical analysis” (crash course mode)

“Econometrics in Banking & Finance” (BSc/MSc level)

“Spectral & Nonparametric Econometrics” (crash course mode)

“Stochastic Differential Equations & Martingales with Applications in Derivatives Markets” (BSc/MSc level)

OR & Decision/Expert Systems” (MEng/PhD level) School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, (NTUA)

Computational Finance & Econometrics” (ERASMUS+ level)

Quantitative Methods in Economics & Finance” (BSc/MSc level)

Financial Engineering & Risk Measurement” (BSc/MSc level)

Corporate Finance & Financial Markets” (BSc/MSc level)

International Corporate Finance” (BSc level)